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Existing Website Redesign

Many of our clients come to us to redesign their existing websites. Unless yours is a brand new company, you most likely already have a website.

Whether you need to update the look of your website, elevate it to modern standards, optimize it for search engines, increase exposure, improve site navigation, or add new features, we can help you outshine your competition.

Our experienced team of expert designers and programmers will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current website and create a redesign plan to correct the problems that cause your website to fail or underperform. The team will evaluate the navigational, visual, and other functional elements to insure that the redesigned site is more profitable and gives your business a better image online.

If your website needs minor adjustments, the redevelopment will be assessed at an hourly rate. Major changes, however, require the same process as new website development. The planning phase is often shorter, however, as much of the content is usually available on the existing website.

If you do not have an existing website or would like to learn more about the development process, visit our website design page.


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Starting at $1,500 (6 page site)
Standalone Web Development or Maintenance
$100/hour (1/4 hr. increments)