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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Aside from conventional means of promotion, search engines are by far the largest traffic drivers to your website. They are the yellow pages of the online world, but instead of only serving your city, they serve the entire world but with pinpoint accuracy.

A common misconception is that submitting your site to hundreds of search engines is an effective strategy. Automatic submission programs often backfire for those who take this approach because search engines penalize such practices.

At Weblix, our specialists manually optimize your site for the most popular search engines. We focus on creating effective properly-structured websites that not only give users all the information they are looking for, but also "feed" content to search engines. We focus on getting your content properly indexed to provide searchers information they are seeking regarding your products and services.

Complex relationships exist among the world's largest search engines. Google, Yahoo, and MSN have the highest reach of and each one has intricate distribution channels (i.e. AOL uses Google for web search engine results). For the current relationship chart among the search engines, please visit Bruce Clay Inc.

Our team of SEO specialists follow the ever-changing landscape of search engine dynamics and relationships to help you gain the greatest exposure to your market.

Our overriding philosophy, however, is to design sites with proper structure and quality content so your site pulls in relevant traffic consistently over time.


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